Name: BitClub Network
Website: www.BitClubNetwork.com
Price: One-Time $99 Membership (Register Here)
They Mine: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and more
Availability: Worldwide
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

How Bitcoin Mining Works

Where do bitcoins come from? With paper money, a government decides when to print and distribute money. Bitcoin doesn’t have a central government.

With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine.


Bitclub Network is NOT a:

  • Peer-To-Peer Donation Exchange.
  • Get rich quick scheme.
  • Ponzi scheme.
  • “Cloud Mining Service Provider.”

So you there is no reason for you to worry about things like:

  • Frozen accounts.
  • Getting blocked.
  • Proving Help or Getting Help.
  • No paying your “Upline, Downline, Sideline etc…”
  • Uploading or worrying about fake proof of payments.

None of that nonsense!!!

BitClub Network is one of the biggest, transparent, and most trusted Bitcoin Mining Company with real, physical Mining facilities in Iceland, as you will see below.

In essence, BitClub Network is a community of people who have come together to support Bitcoin and other digital currencies (also called crypto currencies or virtual currencies). BitClub Network is helping to educate, provide services for, secure, protect, and ultimately profit from this cryto-currency and Blockchain technology.

So far, the BitClub Network community has created one of the largest mining pools in the world – BitClub Pool


BitClub is not owned by any single person or entity, they are a team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, network marketers, and programming geeks who have all come to together to launch a very simple business around a very complex industry.

Anyone can join BitClub Network and begin earning a passive income by taking advantage of our expertise in Bitcoin mining and other Bitcoin related services.

BitClub Network’s mission is to help YOU cash-in on Bitcoin as it becomes a mainstream global currency.

You might have heard or even seen BitClub Network website and videos before, but you might still be wondering…


BitClub Network have combined the power of crowd funding to bring it’s members a very unique and timely opportunity in the Bitcoin industry. By using their expertise, they are able to build a profitable mining operation that uses an affiliate payment structure to leverage the earning potential of their members.

The concept is very simple!

You purchase mining equipment that is used to mine Bitcoin and they pay you daily on your share of all Bitcoin being mined.

When you share this opportunity with other members and they make a purchase you will also get paid recurring commissions on all Bitcoin mined from their purchases.

The more you share, the more you will earn!
As BitClub Network membership grows large, we can all be a huge piece of this industry and provide the one thing Bitcoin needs the most… MORE USERS!


BitClub Network operates two mining locations with the fastest growing facility located in Iceland. This facility is open to the public who meet certain qualifications for visitation.

Their mining pool is open to public so that anyone who wants to contribute hashing power can easily do so.


Mining for Bitcoin and other Digital Currency is profitable as long as the mining operation continues to expand and maximize efficiency.

Each mining pool offers BitClub members the opportunity to purchase shares in exchange for a percentage of all Bitcoin mined from the pool.

With each share you purchase a percentage of Bitcoin mined will be paid in commissions and another percentage used to purchase additional shares and equipment in the mining pool.

This payout happens on a daily basis and each time a new commission is earned a fractional share is automatically re-purchased so it continues to push your profits to keep the mines running.


Bitcoin Network Mining Pools

Bitclub Network Founder PoolFOUNDER POOL BENEFITS:

Over and above the daily mining profits, once you buy a Founder Pool, you are considered a Founding Member of Bitclub.

Whenever the company introduces a new product, Founding members will be the first to know and the first to buy.

They are treated like VIPs within the company.

From 2017 no-one is being given Clubcoins (Bitclub Network crypto currency); but ONLY partners who buy a Founder Pool can and will be given 200 Clubcoins.

They also get given a very big number of Free Bonus Coinpay Shares, about 8000 if I’m not mistaken.

In a nutshell, they are VIPs and Founding Members of Bitclub Network.


You can now purchase GPU mining pool shares!

GPU Mining

If you purchase the 5 Share Founder Pack you will receive 5 GPU shares that can be managed individually and this will instantly qualify you to earn commissions from ALL Bitcoin mining pools and GPU mining pools.

You can also purchase 5 individual shares at anytime for $1,000 each and you will be a Founder.

Each GPU share is valid for 2,000 days of mining

After 2,000 days your share will expire and you will no longer receive any benefit from this mining pool. This pool DOES NOT have repurchases so you will earn 100% of all coins mined with your GPU power.

When you purchase a share you have full control over your GPU machine and which coins you would like to mine on a daily basis.

*You can also request shipment of your GPU’s if you want to run them yourself. By doing this you forfeit all future commissions in our pools.

How to mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero

You might be going through this review, but you may be not 100% sure…

WHAT IS BITCOIN?Join Bitclub Network

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a worldwide currency that uses a public ledger system to record transactions being sent from one person to another. This all happens without a central bank in the middle and it’s not controlled by any government, regulating body, individual company, or person.

All transactions are completely transparent and thousands of copies of the ledger are kept across a distributed network of computers with no single point of failure. In other words, Bitcoin is a true decentralized currency that nobody can control and this is why everyone is so excited about it.

Bitcoin works a lot like cash, you receive it instantly when it’s sent and just like cash, once you have possession of it nobody can take it. With Bitcoin there are no refunds or charge-backs. The person you sent Bitcoin to must send it back on their own. There is no way for anyone to get your Bitcoin because you must “push” it to them!

Name: BitClub Network
Website: www.BitClubNetwork.com
Price: One-Time $99 Membership (Register Here)
They Mine: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and more
Availability: Worldwide
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert